It has been way too long between updates to the webpage. Apologies. Chalk it up to the pandemic and medical problems the webmaster has had that makes writing a slow process.  But lets hope we can do better.

This go around the monthly photo is a view of the ARM

from the left hand seat of an American Airlines flight just about to land in Amarillo. I the foreground is the BNSF Trascon double-tracked mainline, the four lanes of US 60, then the ARM building.  Behind the building to the far right is our helium car.  Strung out in the back are our White Train nuclear transport cars. Of the nine cars coupled together, the five on the right represent a typical arrangement of the cars when in transport service; a guard car, a power buffer car, a nuclear weapons carrier, another power buffer car and a final guard car. When is service, the number of nuclear weapons carriers determined the actual length of the consist.