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Most people see the Texas Panhandle as a vast flat expanse with few interesting features.  For the most part they’d be correct.  You can drive for miles passing thousands of acres of wheat, corn, sorghum and cotton fields that seem to stretch to a flat horizon.  However, there is one feature that is hard to overlook, and that is the spectacular show put on in the sky.


Sitting outside at the end of a warm summer day at the museum provides one such treat.  The summer thunderstorms have passed into western Oklahoma and the sky above has cleared.  The setting sun paints the thunderheads glorious pastel colors and bathes the old airbase water towers at the far east end of the museum property as well.  Our ex-Pantex ALCO S2 adds the requisite railroad aspect to the photo.  If it could think, one wonders if the locomotive is happy to take in the view rather than being forgotten; left to rust away into oblivion.

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