In 1964 ART made a major change to their painting and lettering scheme. With the arrival of Downing Jenks as the new president of the Missouri Pacific and the Wabash being merged into the Norfolk and Western, ART changed their paint scheme from the traditional reefer yellow with boxcar red roof and ends and black underframe and trucks to reefer orange sides, ends and roof with black underframe and trucks. The heralds, which had been painted as simple black outlines since 1960 remained the same except the Wabash flag fell, being replaced with N&Ws circular herald.
These cars are the only HO-scale replicas of these steel reefers with their unique lap side horizontal seam with rivets.
To note the change in ownership of the Wabash, on this set of models we lettered the cars with a reweigh location and date of XD 1-65, which was the Wabash’s Decatur, Illinois facility. The build date is 1-41.

ART 1964 Kits

$20.00 Regular Price
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  • Kits include a decal sheet from Mask Island Decals.  This is a brand new sheet of ART car numbers, reweigh dates and locations and build dates.  Excellently done!  This is a large sheet that can decal six or more of these cars.  You will receive one decal sheet for up to six cars. The decal sheets are also available separately.