When we produced the FtW&D HC-1 two-bay hoppers, we traded some of them for the Q-Connection CB&Q cars.  These are the most accurate HC-1 models to date! Correct brakewheel, correct standing rib roof and InterMountain's hatch mechanism. We took 25 of these cars with five road numbers (181900 181955 182038 182149 182218)  Correct raised-seam Murphy Flat Panel roof, Universal XL brakewheel, Apex Tri-lok running board, double-truss spring-plankless trucks wth metal wheels, and Kadee couplers. Built 4-61. An all-around beautiful job by InterMountain! The original model had an incorrect roof.  These make a great addition to the very similar FtW&D cars we also have in stock.  The Burlington gray provides a great consrast to the FtW&D cars! The superb photo is from the Q Connectionsite.

CB&Q Limited Run of InterMountain 1958 cu. ft. Two Bay Covered Hoppers

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