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Here is a real beauty of a Pennsy express boxcar that should be included in almost any 1950s-era passenger train, regardless of the railroad!  The Pennsylvania Railroad's X29 SK2a class boxcars in express service with the Shadow keystone herald. The models were produced by Red Caboose exclusively for the Amarillo Railroad Museum, and come fully assembled. They represent a mid-1950s version of the express boxcars with plate ends and patch plates along the bottom of the sides. They carry a reweigh date of 11-57. You can order specific numbers if you so choose. The cars come with Kadee couplers and Red Caboose's PRR 2D-F8 trucks with InterMountain Railway Company metal wheelsets.

PRR X29 SK2a Express Boxcar

$34.95 Regular Price
$23.00Sale Price
  • Finding appropriate numbers for these cars was difficult since the number of cars painted in this scheme is unknown and there is limited photographic coverage. But thanks to excellent research done by Ben Hom and the PRRT&HS Modeling Committee, we have six valid numbers (2067, 2122, 2316, 9489, 9548, and 9571).