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The Last of Steam on the Santa Fe

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Sometimes it is difficult to realize just how big steam locomotive were.  Here is Santa Fe 3939, a 2-10-2 having its sand boxes filled at Amarillo.  One of the activities at the museum is the preservation of paper records of locomotive and employees' work schedules.  We are fortunate to have this photo of the 3939 and the timebook records of W. B. (Bill) Stephens. Bill operated this locomotive on October 24th, 1950 from Waynoka to Canadian during the brief season when steam was recalled to duty to help alleviate power shortages. Bill piloted numerous steamers in 1950 and 1951 before diesels took over the Plains Division completely. The last run of a steam locomotive on the Santa Fe was in 1957, for a steam excursion over Cajon Pass.  Bill's timebook records are available on the website under Historic and Prototype Data.

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