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The Phillip Pratt Memorial Garden Railway

An Outdoor G-Scale Garden Railway

Phillip Pratt developed the ability to transport himself to other worlds through his love and recognition of great cultures, music, art, nature and beauty. As a child, he created a fantasy railway where he and his friends could escape to other places and times. He discovered the joys of planting a garden and seeing it grow. Using his inventiveness, he installed a drip irrigation system. He mastered three foreign languages and was captain of the Tascosa Academic Decathlon team, embarking on an intensive study of complex global subjects. Phillip graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, receiving a special Marketing Honors designation for his independent research study. Thankfully, his vision of travel will live on in the Phillip Pratt Memorial Garden Railway.

The Phillip Pratt Memorial Garden Railway is approximately thirty by fifty feet and raised about two feet above ground level with a retaining wall of interlocking rock castings. The retaining wall will be encircled by a series of commemorative stepping stones. The layout is built on a compacted soil and stone foundation formed into a series of hills and valleys with a flat area on the north end with a village and train yard. Xeriscaping and placement of rock formations will follow the direction of Amarillo Area Master Gardeners and the Potter County Extension Service.


Donations. Completion of this project will not be possible without donations from friends. Below are the projects, materials and supplies needed to complete the memorial. Contributors of large objects will be noted on a plaque or on the object itself, and may contain up to three lines of print. The names of general contributors will be listed on a group plaque attached to the memorial. Cash donations can be made using Visa, MC or Discover. Call us at (806) 376-6548 after 5PM to make credit card donations. We take PayPal for cash donations. Use the account Send checks or money orders to: Phillip Pratt Memorial Garden Railway, c/o Amarillo Railroad Museum Inc, P.O. Box 31105, Amarillo, TX 79120-1105. We are a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Contributions are deductible as allowed by Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations.



1. Install a drip irrigation system around trees and garden

2. Install a 6-foot chain link fence around the layout

3. Scenic the layout with various plants and landscaping materials

4. Install roadbed, track and a train control system



Materials and Supplies Your Donation Will Help Buy:

- 250 stepping stones -TBD

- 250 feet of track

- 8 railroad switches

- 4 concrete pads for benches

- ornamental plants and trees


Funding for this project has been received from:


Carol Abraham

The Amarillo Railroad Museum

Friends and Family


Would you consider a contribution to make the PPMGRy a reality? For a brochure with a map and directions click here Flyer Join the Amarillo Railroad Museum, Inc. today!!

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