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Amarillo Railroad Museum Officers

President - Bob Roth
Vice President and Secretary - Virgil Young
Treasurer - Virgil Doyle
Director - Tracy Ball
Director - Jerry Michels
Director - Guy Pigg


Current News
For those of you who download and read Run 8, this isn't all that new, but for our general web site visitors, An exciting new addition to the website and the Amarillo Railroad Museum is the Phillip Pratt Memorial Garden Railway. We're busy constructing an outdoor G-scale railroad, scheduled to be completed this summer. It is a fun project and we'll soon have the "Big Guys" running at ARM World Headquarters!
Custom Car Page
We have a number of our custom cars on sale. Great pricing from 10% discounts to 10% over cost! Remember, ARM and MPHS members get a 10% discount. You might want to consider signing up as a ARM internet member for $20/year and get 10% off of all our custom cars! That's 20% off if you are a member!

OK, some of you have mentioned that you'd like to see our Missouri Pacific Airslide hoppers with numbers applied. beginning now, we'll supply numbered cars. You can select the number series you want(original number series 100-199 and 225-299, or cars renumbered into the 720000-720174 series in 1962), but we cannot take orders for specific numbers. We are hand applying numbers to car on a random basis, trying not to duplicate numbers. No matter how many cars you buy, you will not receive a duplicate number unless you specifically ask.

New Releases and Featured Products
Compare this prototype photo to the model photo in the custom car section. Pretty nice, huh? We always bring you the best in custom cars. Check out those details. Bring the old Rock Island back to life on your layout. Perfect for the 1950-1960 era modeler! This car is one we have on sale at 10% off the original list price!
Membership in the Amarillo Railroad Museum
Everything we've achieved over the last 20 years is due to our dedicated members.
If you'd like to see the Amarillo Railroad Museum grow and expand, please consider joining. We have four classes of membership, one might fit you.
Run 8 - Our Monthly Newsletter
The Amarillo railroad Museum publishes a monthly newsletter, Run 8. It is the historic chronicle of our organizations and is artfully managed by our editor, Virgil Young. Here you can find the most current issue and back issues for a number of years.
Did You Know?
Ever see one of our reefers in this scheme? The other side has just the Wabash flag. This is the ART's 1948 paint scheme with one herald per side. We've not offered this version, but there is an easy way to get this short-lived scheme in your ART roster!

Tom Stolte of Oddballs Decals makes a decal set (548) that contains these heralds. The Missouri Pacific buzzsaw with the blue outer circle is the key! You can apply the buzzsaw and flag to one of our 24000 series cars (the first run of ART cars), and change the reweigh date if you like. It's a pretty simple change that creates a rare paint scheme that was applied to cars for only three years (1948-50).
For ALCO Lovers!
We are the proud owners of ALCO S2 740-8, a generous donation by the U. S. Department of Energy from the Amarillo Pantex Plant. It is a typical ALCO, pleased to send satisfying plumes of smoke skyward as it goes about its chores. Click here for photos and history of this interesting locomotive.
White Train
The nuclear weapons transport train was donated to the ARM in 2006. This is a fascinating collection of the cars that were used by the United States to transport nuclear bombs across the country up until the early 1980s.
Bulletin Board
Click here to see the HOT news, upcoming events, post your own messsages, read comments, and even post your own items for sale.
Contact Us
E-mail, USPS address, phone numbers and our guestbook. Click here for a PDF with our current schedule, meeting dates, clinics and a map with directions. Schedule and Map