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The “White Train" - Dept of Energy Nuclear Weapons Transport Train

The Amarillo Railroad Museum has 11 cars of the retired "White Train" in its collection. This photo shows nine of those cars on the south side of the property. The other two are up near the building. Click on the Photo Gallery button to view individual car photos.

Why "White Train?" Originally the cars were uniformly painted white. Over time, the Department of Energy decided to paint the cars in various colors, mainly blue and brownish red to make them less conspicious.


As you can see from this closeup of guard car G33, after years of neglect and disuse, the cars are sadly in need of new paint and rehabilitation. For many years the cars hosted more pigeons than people. The interiors of the guard cars are in pretty good shape. Some security-sensitive instruments and radios were removed, but the bunks, kitchen equipment, chairs, and other appliances are intact and in good condition.


If you'd like to see this collection restored to its original appearance and the development of an interpretive display, please consider making a donation to our museum. We'd be happy to designate your donation to a fund set aside to restore the cars. Perhaps you'd like to see one guard car totally reconditioned. We'd be happy to work with you to see this come true.

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