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The Amarillo Railroad Museum, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the Texas Panhandle, illustrating it through the railroads that traversed it, settled it, and are still the lifeblood of it. The mission of the ARM is simple: to make history come alive through railroad artifact preservation, and construction of an historically accurate model railroad of the Santa Fe from Canadian, Texas, through to Clovis, New Mexico.


Your cash donation will directly support the Museum in its efforts to keep this historic and interesting knowledge from being lost.


Or, if that is not of interest to you, consider this: the ARM has the only complete helium car in a museum today, and that car requires money for maintenance and research. Your donation supports that worthy asset - as well as the preservation of the nuclear weapons transport cars and ALCO S2 diesel from Pantex. These are significant preservation efforts, and it takes money. Your donation - as small as $5 - means a great deal to the ARM.


The Amarillo Railroad Museum, Inc. is a non-profit Texas corporation granted 501(C)3 "educational charity" status by the Internal Revenue Service. Your donation is completely tax deductible, and you will receive not only a receipt acknowledging your donation - no matter how small or large, but the heart felt "Thank You!" from the members striving to make the ARM a wonderful place for the future.


Can we count on you to donate today? Or, better - how about a monthly debit to your credit card? Do you have railroad related items that need to be shown to the world? We would LOVE to talk to you! Do you have an automobile, airplane, or other asset you think would be better served by donation to a worthy cause? The ARM is your charity of choice. We can assist you with small monetary donations, asset donations, and estate planning (such as charitable remainder trusts that provide you with significant tax advantages).


Did you know you can earmark your United Way contribution to the Amarillo Railroad Museum, Inc.? Talk with your employer's United Way representative for more details!

Donate to the The Phillip Pratt Memorial Garden Railway

Donate to the The Amarillo Rail Road Museum

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